The Comité Marc Chagall

is a French association (“Association loi 1901”) created on October 10th, 1988 at the initiative of Valentine Chagall, the widow of Marc Chagall, his daughter Ida Chagall and his son David McNeil following the death of the artist in 1985.

Jean-Louis Prat is the Honorary President of Comité Marc Chagall. It is co-chaired by the artist's granddaughter, Meret Meyer, and David Mc Neil. The meetings of the Comité Marc Chagall are open exclusively to the members of the association's board who also invite, if necessary, experts chosen from among the most eminent specialists of the work of Marc Chagall, both stylistically and scientifically.

The Comité Marc Chagall meets several times a year to examine requests of authenticity for artworks that are physically presented. Decisions are taken unanimously by the gathered members.

The Comité Marc Chagall informs the heirs in the case of counterfeiting or fraud in artistic matters so that they can exercise, should they wish to do so, the relevant legal actions to fight against counterfeits, artistic forgeries and other damages to the work of Marc Chagall.