Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I receive a certificate of authenticity only by sending photographs?

No. A certificate of authenticity will only be issued after a physical examination of the artwork during a meeting of Comité Marc Chagall.

How to bring my artwork to Comité Marc Chagall?

You may bring it yourself, ask a friend to bring it on your behalf or hire the services of an art shipping professional. Please beware Comité Marc Chagall will refuse deliveries of artworks via international courrier services such as UPS, DHL, Fedex, etc...

For works coming from outside the European Union, you are in charge for all custom formalities."

How long with my artwork stay with Comité Marc Chagall?

On average a couple of days.

When are the meetings of Comité Marc Chagall taking place?

Comité Marc Chagall meets several times a year. Once your application is complete, you will receive an invitation to bring your artwork to the next meeting.

When should I bring my artwork?

Upon receiving your completed application, we will give you an appointment to bring the artwork.

What if I already have a certificate ?

If you already have a certificate issued by Comité Marc Chagall, please check with us whether it was really issued by the Comité because there are a number of fake certificates currently on the market. Confirming the authenticity of a certificate is a fast and free procedure.